While today is a day to celebrate love and happiness, we must also remember the hallowed dead. Those who have given so much to us that we might enjoy our lives to a fuller extent cannot be forgotten. Indeed, dear reader, we must honor and sanctify the memory of the dearly departed “Flappy Bird,” the smash-hit mobile video game that glided off the App Store just a few short days ago. Let us remember how it touched our lives, those countless hours we spent tapping our iPads and Motorola Inspirons, navigating the small and carefree Flappy through a perilous plane of pipes. Let us shed those same tears that we let loose whenever poor Flappy collided into a pipe. And let us finally appreciate the sophisticated and complex relationship we have formed with a couple of 0s and 1s. O’ Flappy Birds, we shall miss you more than a sparrow misses its hot-pink wings: without you, we just do not fly.