Features: So why do you guys want to be Co-Presidents?

Paul Murphy: Well that one’s a sNOw brainer! We’re easily the most qualified pair.

Features: You make a good point. Any other reasons to elect you?

Eddie Murphy: Well, if you’ve read out platform you’ll perhapS kNOW that we’re offering free parfait every Saturday morning in Susie’s.

Features: Wait a second, isn’t Susie’s closed then?

Eddie Murphy: There’s sNOw denying it! But everyone loves parfait!

Features: Tru.

Paul Murphy: We’re also offering to start the Blue bICYCLE Initiative, not to mention additional fun puns during ASM!

Features: snO.M.G! Any final words?

Murphy2: Dear Students (copy to faculty & staff), our team of Murphy2 wants to be the next sn-Obama. Voting for us is a s-NO brainer. Love, Murphy2.