By Staff Report | Photos by Stephen Moreland — 2/28/2014

On Wednesday afternoon, nine current and former members of The Phillipian traveled to Lawrence High School to attend and participate in a round table discussion on the
future of education between Head of School John Palfrey and Jeffrey Riley, Receiver of Lawrence High School.



By Staff Report — 2/28/2014
Fridays’s polls for the 2014-2015 Co-Presidential election closed at 10 p.m., advancing candidate pairs Carter Page ’15 and Hanover Vale ’15  and David Gutierrez ’15 and Rebecca Somer ’15 to the...
By Phillipian Editorial Board CXXXVII — 2/14/2014
On Monday night last week, students crowded into Lower Right of Paresky Commons, filled with the anticipation and impatience that annually consumes the student body come mid-Winter Term. In addition...


By Zainab Aina, Charlie Jarvis, Kai Kornegay, Doris Nyamwaya, Alex Thomas — 2/28/2014
By Devontae Freeland — 2/28/2014
By Charlie Jarvis, Kai Kornegay, Alex Thomas, Kayla Thompson — 2/28/2014
By Benny Ogando, Rob Rush, Kailash Sundaram — 2/28/2014
By Jumaane Ford, Benny Ogando, Kailash Sundaram — 2/28/2014

Letters to the Editor

By Kai Kornegay ’14, et al. — 2/28/2014
By Asabe W. Poloma — 12/13/2013
By Debra Shepard — 12/13/2013
By Emma Crowe, Kory Stuer, Thea Rossman, Rhaime Kim — 11/1/2013